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Third Skin’s perspective on ESD and systems based design thinking has lead to a long running interest in manufactured housing, and its potential to provide sustainable building solutions.

A large part of Third Skin's recent work has been the development of sustainable, modular design and delivery system. This R&D project has brought together over three years of research and led to the establishment of new, innovative Melbourne based venture - Habitech Systems.

Habitech is a new generation design and construction system providing individually designed, super energy efficient houses at a price relevant to a large proportion of the Australian home purchasers.

Habitech Systems are currently constructing their first buildings and working with architectural design partners to deliver a new generation of high quality building fabric and services into the Australian housng market.




Chris Barnett
B.Arch AIA, Director 

m: 0415 380 374
e: info@thirdskin.com.au

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