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As time allows, our thoughts and images on sustainability and the contrasts and contradictions modern life places before us will be posted here.
Maintaining a sense of humour, appreciating irony and acknowledging the hypocrisy in many of our actions are seen to be crucial tools in facing the challenges moving to a sustainable lifestyle places before us.



This situation cannot be allowed to persist, for the science is telling us that we must find a solution to the climate problem, and fast. Taking a longer view, I’m convinced that the climate problem is only the first of several global pollution problems that will challenge us over the next 90 years, and that if we do not have political structures in place to deal with them, one or another will trip us up.’

Excerpt from ‘The long view’ by Tim Flannery
'Australians All - Essays on the Nation’ series, ‘The Age’, October 31, 2007